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Oil and Gas Exploration

June 30, 2015  

"PetroLocate offers the patent pending PL14 Seismoelectric technology, which is used to detect mobile resistive liquids including oil, gas and fresh water up to approximately 3000m (approximately 10,000ft) when acceptable testing conditions are present eliminating the cost and time traditional exploration technology requires.

The PL14 technologies success originates from over 14 years of successful use of the seismoelectric technology used by AquaLocate for the purposes of groundwater exploration/location (aquifer depth, yield and thickness). The first of its kind originally designed by Dr. Richard Clarke and Dr. John Millar of Groundflow ltd. in Marlbougough England for groundwater location. Both former British Petroleum Exploration Geophysicists have since retired and in 2014 PetroLocate Founder, Ervin M. Kraemer redesigned the original seismoelectric system to see deeper and with more clarity for oil exploration.