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Every mineral rights owner and land owner wishes they knew more about the company that owns the oil or gas well for which the owner receives payments. And what about the lease? What exactly happens to it after you, your ancestor, or the person who sold the rights to you, signed it?

How an Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Company Operates shows you the steps a U. S. petroleum company usually takes to get leases, get them producing, and to keep those leases valid, including:

  • Deciding where to buy or acquire oil and gas leases
  • The procedures for making sure lease provisions are followed
  • Ways petroleum companies reduce their risk drilling wells
  • Land Contracts commonly used for making deals
  • How all of this affects the mineral rights owner and their profits

Written by Marsha Breazeale, M.Ed., CDOA, CPLTA, an oil and gas professional with over 35 years of experience and certified by the National Association of Division Order Analysts and by the National Association of Lease and Title Analysts.

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